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OnPoint Vision Systems

OnPoint Vision Systems

OnPoint provides Target Tracking, Video Stabilization, Target Geo-location, Click ‘n Fly (clicking in video flies UAV & points gimbal) and Terminal Guidance (for lethal & net recovery operations) for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). OnPoint system includes:

OnPointTM VPU - Onboard Vision Processing Unit

  • Digital and Analog video input/output up to HD 720p
  • Dual Core OMAP ARM/DSP processor (512MB flash, 256 MB DDR)
  • Low latency vision-based feedback
  • Geo-coordinate aware video overlays for situational awareness
  • Electronic image stabilization and target tracking using advanced image processing
  • Integrated with Kestrel autopilot for seamless Click ‘n fly / Terminal Guidance operation
  • New daughterboard interface provides HD 720p digital video output, 10/100 Ethernet and an additional IO (2x SPI, I2C, USB, 3x UART, McBSP, JTAG, SD)
  • 10MP ePTZ Digital Imager
  • Electronic Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • 5x digital zoom levels (new)
  • Full resolution still images
  • Gyro aided stabilization & tracking
  • Integrated dual camera mux (new)

Terminal Guidance: OnPoint OnBoard

  • Stationary and moving targets
  • Highly reliable vision-based tracker (no GPS)
  • State-of-the-art onboard tracking and image stabilization (see target, hit target)
  • Designate target with simple click, guidance is then hands-free
  • Intuitive operator interfaces (GUI)
  • Supports GPS/INS and GPS denied guidance modes
  • Compatible with EO, IR, and SAL seekers
  • Support provided for seamless integration with custom ESAD / ESAF devices
  • Ability to fine-tune the target aim-point in real-time throughout the terminal engagement
  • Adaptable for precision vehicle recovery on stationary or moving platforms

OnPoint Benefits

  • Able to track through loss-of-link
  • Able to track through noisy video
  • Low latency feedback
  • High performance tracking
  • Save video/images onboard Micro SD
  • Vision guidance for lethal applications & other precision landing requirements