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WindTracer® for Airports


Sudden changes in wind – causing aircraft to unexpectedly gain or lose significant altitude – pose a serious threat to aircraft in flight. Wind shear, microbursts, gust fronts, turbulence are atmospheric conditions that can compromise the safety of aircraft, especially during takeoff and landing

Even in clear, dry weather, wind shear can surprise and challenge the most capable pilots.

Turbulence, which can result from the wakes generated by an aircraft in flight, plays an important role in determining airport departure and arrival schedules. Wakes are generated by all aircraft during flight; the larger the aircraft, the stronger the wake. This wake turbulence from arriving airplanes can jeopardize the safe landing of trailing airplanes.

Lockheed Martin’s WindTracer® lidar provides reliable alerting of wind hazards and wake turbulence. Designed to assist safe airport flight operations, WindTracer compliments conventional weather radars and anemometers. It is the world’s most sophisticated system of its type.

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