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WindTracer® for Wind Energy


With 100 years of experience driving innovation and solving our customer’s most complex technological challenges, Lockheed Martin now looks to apply its vast portfolio of proven capabilities to drive energy sustainability and security. Utilizing WindTracer®, the world’s most powerful long-range Doppler lidar system, Lockheed Martin is committed to aiding wind power developers and investors to capitalize on wind energy resources.

WindOptimizer is a suite of cloud-based multiparty services designed to integrate real-time sensor data from WindTracer directly with wind fleet operations. WindOptimizer provides unsurpassed real-time operations services and performance analysis across sites for stabilizing energy generation output and increasing profit.

WindProspector® uses WindTracer data to produce high quality volumetric wind measurements for accurate wind resource assessment. Offered as a turnkey solution, WindProspector provides 3D wind maps and a detailed guide for the best placement of turbines, both onshore and offshore.


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