Palo Alto Colloquia


January 21, 2016              


Mr. Greg Edwards

The Internet connects the people and the computers of the world. The Internet of Things is an extension to include toasters, gas pumps, ATM machines, refrigerators, cars, tractors, factories, and everything else where a computer or controller is embedded and might be more functional if it were connected to other systems.

However with power and communication comes opportunities for trouble. Sour milk and the fridge orders more. But if a jokester changes the order to 100 gallons? Or worse, pumps 10,000 gallons of gas into a 1000 gallon tank at a gas station? Or shuts down your car while you are driving 77mph in a 65mph zone? And maybe spreads your ATM information to a thousand other machines around the world?

In this talk we will explore the Internet of Things, what it is, what it isn’t, and look at real and fanciful information security problems that can arise.

Greg Edwards CISSP, CISM, CISA, CEH, IAM (and use to hold a number of other certifications) is a retired InfoSec engineer. He is very active in local InfoSec and Security Audit organizations including teaching, seminars, assisting in conferences and other tasks. In the past he has taught at Lockheed Martin, UC Santa Cruz Extension and elsewhere as well. He has given numerous talks for the ATC Colloquium.

Jan 28    WATER ON THE MOON: PROSPECTING FOR FUN AND PROFIT – Dr. Richard Elphic, NASA Ames Research Center

 Feb 04   VOLCANOES – Dr. Eric Dunham, Stanford University

Future Colloquia

Note, the following are TENTATIVE ONLY.  When the time is closer, I will send out announcements.

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Feb.   11 –  Dr. Jon Jenkins, SETI Institute.  Kepler

Feb.   18 –  Dr. Mark Showalter, SETI. The New Horizons Flyby of Pluto: An Insider’s View

Feb.   25  – Dr. Debbie G. Senesky, Aeronautics and Astronautics Department, Stanford University: SENSING IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS

Mar.     3 – Dr. Gary Bush, LM/ATC: High Speed Rail

Mar.   10 –  Dr. William E. Motzer, PhD, PG, CHG, Senior Geochemist, Todd Groundwater.  Coast Range Mercury Deposits and Their Environmental Impact

Mar.   17 –  Mr. Greg Edwards:  Economics of Space Travel.

Mar.   24 – Mr. Peter Jennsikens, SETI.  Chelyabinsk

Mar.   31 – Mr. Kaushik Amruthur, Lockheed Martin.  Auroras, Polar Bears, and the Northern Frontier

Apr.    7 – 

Apr.   14 –

Apr.   21 –

Apr.   28 –

May    5 –

May  12 –

May  19 –

May  26 –  Dr. Elizabeth Hadly, Stanford.  Climate and Biodiversity

June    2 – 


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