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Aeronautics Company - Fort Worth, TX; Marietta, GA; Palmdale, CA

Aeronautics Material Management Center - Fort Worth, TX

Sustainment Services - Greenville, SC

Kelly Aviation Center - San Antonio, TX

Enterprise Operations

Corporate Operations

Enterprise Business Services

Missiles and Fire Control

Global Training and Logistics

Missiles and Fire Control

Mission Systems and Training

Training & Logistics Solutions

Integrated Warfare Systems & Sensors

Ship & Aviation Systems

Undersea Systems

Lockheed Martin Canada

Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS)

Energy Performance Contracting

Space Systems

Sandia Corporation (Sandia National Laboratory)

Accounts Payable
Customer Service  (863) 647-0558

LM Corporate Procurement FAQs

What type of purchasing does the Bethesda site do?

Answer: Bethesda is the Corporate Headquarters for Lockheed Martin Corporation. There is no R & D or manufacturing at this location.
Procurements are limited to goods and services required for day to day operation of the facility.

Does Bethesda have an Approved Vendor List?

Answer: No. Due to the limited nature of procurments at this location, a qualified bidders list is not maintained.