Activities Moving Forward for RAPA Construction

Friday, July 27th, 2012

This week on the Lockheed Martin facility, building crews continued caulking, painting, metal and plywood roof decking, trusses, and window installation. Plumbers and electricians continued installation of conduits inside the building. The roofing contractor continued roofing system gutter and soffits construction.

Installation of the new sewer tie-in was completed to the building. Additionally, wall bracing was removed and interior office area framing began. Horizontal drilling activities, trenching and vault installation also continued at the facility.

Pressure testing of the piping continued at off-facility locations. The site also continued receiving facility process equipment, including fiberglass tanks.

Next week, we will continue to install decking, roofing membrane and soffit on the lower building roof elevations. Plumbers and electricians will continue to install conduits inside the building, and interior office area framing will also continue. We will also continue receiving and installing process equipment. On-facility excavation, vault installation, and horizontal drilling for piping installation will be done also.

In the community, contractors will continue to install components in the control panels and vaults.  Additionally, we will complete the potable water line connection to the Manatee County service line, pending the outcome of our scheduled meeting with Manatee County. Horizontal drilling activities will begin on Tallevast Road near the post office and adjacent to the site. 

As always, if anyone has any questions about these construction activities, please give me a call at 941-554-3862 or 1-800-449-4486 and I’ll do my best to get the appropriate answers to your questions.