Crews Working on Details for Water Treatment Facility

Friday, December 14, 2012

Crews Working on Details for Water Treatment Facility

Building crews continued to work on the fine details for the water treatment facility this week with punch list work, painting, installing doors and building out the interior of the office area.

Contractors also continued plumbing and air conditioning work inside the building. Process equipment was also received, setup and tested. 

Electricians continued to install electrical conduit, wiring and lights onsite and control panel work at the Waste Pro facility. Pumps and well heads were installed in structures on the Sun Coast golf course.  Pressure testing of the piping continued at off-facility locations.

Next week, we will continue the plumbing and air conditioning work inside the building. Electricians will continue to install conduits inside the building including energizing of electric panels.

Floor preparation will be done, and painting work will continue on the building interior and exterior walls. We will continue to receive setup and test process equipment and materials.

Contractors will be constructing aluminum walkways within the process area, and ceiling tile installation will proceed in the office areas.

Outside the facility, contractors will be installing well heads and pumps in the remaining off site structures, including 15th Street. They will also continue installing pumps and well heads in structures on the golf course.  Equipment will be mobilized to the Schmid Farm to install structure extensions and to prepare for enclosures that will be erected around the control panels.

A fencing contractor will be installing new  fencing around the wetlands, on Tallevast Road, and around the control panel locations. Our electrical contractor will continue working in the community also.  Contractors will begin removing unused/excess equipment and materials from the facility.

As always, if anyone has any questions about these construction activities, please give me a call at 941-554-3862 or 1-800-449-4486 and I’ll do my best to get the appropriate answers to your questions.




Gary Cambre                                                                                  Public Affairs         Sr. Communications Manager