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Soldiers train like they will fight. So that, when the time comes, they'll fight like they've trained. Without hesitation. They're relentlessly focused on their mission, and so are we.

Lockheed Martin delivers training and simulation technologies, as well as live training, to defense and civil customers worldwide. The goal: Customers equipped with extraordinarily realistic real-time simulation and expertly trained people in the field.

Lockheed Martin also trains nearly 50,000 students per year around the world, providing highly experienced and effective instructors on the ground and in the air. And the company designs the very best in courseware and computer-based classroom training. Lockheed Martin provides each customer with an end-to-end solution designed to meet their needs in any of the three components of the training continuum - virtual, live, and constructive.

Lockheed Martin specializes in:

Lockheed Martin is able to provide commercial airlines as well as trucking and bus companies exceptionally high quality training solutions by leveraging our world-class expertise in military simulation training. Lockheed Martin commercial training programs provide quality instruction, latest-generation simulations and convenient scheduling.

Combat pilots, commercial aircraft pilots and astronauts benefit from Lockheed Martin's advanced flight training services. We train them in a simulated environment just like the one they'll experience in flight; and as a result pilots acquire the skills they need to perform their mission safely.

Because our customers have different training needs, we offer a variety of services across several business lines to expertly meet each one of them. We understand every customer's mission, and we apply our technical knowledge to deliver on time and within budget.

Mission Rehearsal
Lockheed Martin simulation and training systems immerse land, sea and air warfighters into realistic, integrated learning environments. It puts the user into the real world where they can train exactly as they fight.

Aside from astronauts, Lockheed Martin trains flight controllers, technicians and other aerospace professionals.

In all of our training programs, safety is always our number one focus. At the same time, we ensure that astronauts are well-prepared to repair and protect the equipment and assets that are vital to the space program.

Precision is imperative, and our support ensures that astronauts train in realistic settings. Our dedicated crews choreograph every move of a project, then work closely with crews in simulators and simulated environments such as NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory until they are ready to perform the task in space.

Lockheed Martin employs some of the world's leading aerospace engineers and scientists whose services run the gamut from training astronauts to photographing environmental changes on Earth; to operating a simulator that mimics the thermal, acoustic, vibration and load aspects of space; to training technical teams that operate commercial satellites.

Technology Training
Lockheed Martin provides technology training so customers who have purchased Lockheed Martin products or services have the skills they need to use it effectively. Whether they have procured a leading-edge aircraft or information-technology service, our customers receive thorough training that ensures optimum performance.

Lockheed Martin regards training services as a core capability, because we recognize that the success of our products is contingent on the quality of their operation. We provide world-class technology training that helps customers improve performance, lower costs, reduce risk and add value. Our technology training is centered around one goal: helping the customer achieve their goals.