Natural Energy


It has long been known that conventional energy sources cannot keep up with our 21st century demands and beyond. So imagine if we could harness the natural energy provided by sustainable, renewable bio resources or capture the power of the earth’s movement all around us to create a world powered by its own natural resources. 

Bringing minds together through strategic partnerships with university and energy industry leaders has forged a new path toward a new era of energy responsibility, capturing and managing energy more efficiently and in innovative ways through wind and biomass and waste programs.

And there is no way to ignore the undeniable power of the ocean to produce reliable energy. Using the world’s largest solar panel – the sun – we are leveraging the difference in ocean temperatures to produce energy through ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC). We are taking the ocean’s movement to produce wave power, using special buoys to produce electricity through the rise and fall of ocean waves; and producing tidal power through underwater turbines that capture the kinetic motion of ebbing and surging ocean tides.

Natural energy is not new, but the technology to harness, store and moderate these resources at a global scale could revolutionize the clean energy movement. As we continue to advance our technologies and partner with the best, our clean, sustainable future could be just around the corner.