Smart Energy


Imagine having power when other systems fail, to have the ability to operate as part of a larger utility grid or even independently to provide constant, uninterrupted energy no matter the conditions; to have the ability to manage existing power supplies to be energy efficient. Think of the potential impact of what continuous power would mean when typical power supplies are cut off to a surgeon so an operation could be completed, to a grocery store so that foods stay fresh and viable and to first responders to reach those in need. This is what becomes possible with smart energy.

The innovation to create clean energy sources is incredibly important. During this time of innovation, equally important is how we currently manage, store and distribute the energy that is available to us. If we are smart in the way we manage and service our energy we could ease the burden we place on the current energy demand.

Smart Grid Services fundamentally transforms the way energy is managed, transmitted and consumed for businesses. During demanding conditions, Energy Efficiency Services are able to manage residential or industrial programs to ensure energy conservation, increase operation efficiencies and maximize capital spending. Integrating existing power generation assets with new or existing renewable power sources through Intelligent Microgrid Solutions will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease fuel use, and improve energy efficiency.

Continually striving to improve energy efficiency is essential to reducing energy costs and managing renewable energy sources. Harnessing the power of the wind, using real-time sensor data from WindTracer®, the WindOptimizer™ and WindProspector® improve and maximize energy production and performance. We also improve energy efficiency through a Green IT initiative that analyzes computers’ power.