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The I Campaign

Email is an essential business tool, and it’s also one of the most common attack vectors for attackers. If employees don’t know the warning signs, they run the risk of opening malicious attachments or clicking embedded links to web content containing malicious code. The good news is that email-based attacks often contain visible “red flags” that employees can use to identify potential malicious activity and take the right course of action.

Lockheed Martin’s analysis has shown that modifying employee behavior is a critical factor in preventing most, if not all, compromises of computing assets. In response, we developed The I Campaign™. Not only can we educate employees on risky behavior and individual responsibility, we are able to measure improvements and make adjustments throughout the program.

The I Campaign™ Highlights

An award-winning security awareness training program combining technology, employee testing and a security awareness campaign focused on helping to change undesired behaviors.

Suite of Tools and Techniques:

  • Baseline Email Threat Testing
  • Periodic Email Testing with Just-In-Time training
  • Interactive Game Modules
  • Cyber Spotlight Video Series
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • The I Campaign™ Web Portal
  • Print & Digital Media
  • Visibly-Identifiable External Email
  • Advanced Social Engineering
  • The I Campaign™ Advocate Program

Threat and Information Sharing

Threat & Information Sharing combines a secure environment for sharing cyber intelligence with your industry peers to leverage the collective knowledge base against common adversaries.  In-person and online training sessions and demos share best practices and improve the situational awareness of all participants to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of communities of security professionals. You and your team learn operational tactics and benefit from lessons that security experts have learned over more than a decade of fighting Advanced Threats. You stay informed of the latest cyber threats and the newest tactics in defeating those threats.


Threat and Information Sharing Highlights:

  • Ability to manage multiple groups within a community Securely partitioned group structure
  • Intuitive Intelligence Management
  • Case and Campaign alignment to Advanced Threats
  • Indicator and Mitigation identification
  • Threaded discussions and attachments
  • Customizable secure notification system

A Solution to Strengthen the Greastest Cyber Security Risk ... the Human!


Defense for the Human Vulnerability!

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