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Just as important as getting intelligent data, is having the resources to act on it.


Professional Services - Expertise to Protect Your Business

Critical systems and networks are under attack every day. Lockheed Martin Cyber Intelligence safeguards some of the most sensitive information and mission-critical systems in the world. Our Professional Services are designed and implemented by cyber security experts with unmatched expertise in implementing solutions for the most critical enterprise systems—including those relied upon by our nation’s government. We deliver the same level of expert tradecraft by professionals focused on your critical infrastructure and enterprise defense.




Professional Services encompass a wide range of consulting, staff augmentation, and turnkey operations including:


  • EXCITE®  advanced Cyber Intelligence training for advanced threats
  • Expert Residency bringing our highly trained analysts to your environment
  • Analysis on Demand enabling detailed analysis of threats via customer provided data
  • Financial Impact Modeling and Threat Quantification identifying the financial impact and damage assessment of a cyber intrusion.
  • Cyber Security Maturity Capability Assessments capturing the current security posture of your enterprise and making recommendations for advancement.
  • Security Risk Assessments of policies, procedures and current security posture
  • Compliance Assessments for industry standards and best practices to include NIST, NERC CIP, NRC, HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  • Penetration Testing to identify real-world vulnerabilities and provide a prioritized list of recommended mitigations
  • Forensics & Incident Response recreating all stages of an attack using a combination of forensic images, host and network logs, then use our intelligence repository of observed Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)  to help integrate additional detections or enhancements with your current security architecture
  • Security Architecture designing layered, adaptable environments for information technology, networks, and communications systems
  • Security Plans, Policies & Procedures to implement, monitor and manage security operations and assets
  • Vulnerability Testing & Assessments to uncover previously known system and network vulnerabilities
  • Disaster Response and Business Continuity services to validate existing plans
  • Supply Chain Security analyzing all steps of the supply chain for integrity
  • Secure Code Review focused on auditing of policies, processes and controls to validate coding security