Security Intelligence Center


As the government’s largest provider of IT services, the security and integrity of Lockheed Martin’s systems are vital, not only to its own mission, but to the national security infrastructure. Cyber attackers’ efforts to achieve economic and military gain are becoming more sophisticated and stealthy. In the face of this Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Lockheed Martin focuses on an intelligence driven response and has made significant investments in people, processes and technology to ensure the resiliency of its systems and the ability to meet the security challenges of our government and commercial customers. Through our dedicated and experienced security professionals – and the opening of facilities such as the Security Intelligence Center (SIC) – the company is:

  • Focusing on risk-based solutions that prioritize threats, risks and vulnerabilities
  • Providing robust, seamless and end-to-end defense capabilities
  • Recognizing and preventing unknown threats using pattern recognition and predictive analysis
  • Allowing core processes to function even during an attack


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