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Big data is, expectedly, big but what makes it interesting is the ability to turn it into something manageable. The difficulty in doing this is the data sets are so incredibly large that traditional data management systems simply cannot process the information.

Data analytics, the ability to capture, manage and analyze such large and complex data sets, could allow for improved decision-making and business practices as well as tailored products and services in many different industries and fields.

Lockheed Martin’s deep experience in processing streaming sensor data and the same engineering capabilities that deployed solutions for space situational awareness and missile defense allowed for a seamless transition to employing data analytics in the areas of forecasting, cyber security, quantum computing and medical analytics.

Additionally, our proactive cyber security approach enables the delivery of integrated solutions and resilient systems for seamless, end-to-end defense. We provide reliable and trusted solutions for securing an organization’s information, systems and networks to ensure confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, non-repudiation and availability.

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