IT Modernization

IT Modernization



Information systems that just keep up, are already behind.

IT Modernization enables your agency to move forward.



Modernizing your organization’s infrastructure means going beyond enterprise systems that keep up with current demands and standards.


Lockheed Martin delivers intelligent, cost-effective and responsive information technology that drives your business and mission forward. We incorporate your existing capabilities to develop tailored, leading-edge solutions while ensuring you're on course to meet the demands of the future.


Adaptive technology and innovation have made Lockheed Martin the ally for teams facing complex mission challenges.



Learn more about how we ...

  • Modernize Infrastructure to bring information together and lower the total cost of ownership

  • Implement cloud capabilities that change the way agencies operate and deliver critical services to citizens, warfighters, and veterans

  • Identify IT innovations to address complex challenges based on deep understanding of our customers’ core missions




Save time and resources by transforming aging, disjointed or redundant infrastructure into new models featuring consolidated and virtual data centers, shared applications and services, and faster development and delivery.
Different clouds for different missions, management, security and budget requirements. We partner with you to map the best route to the cloud and navigate the hurdles of migration to, from, and between public, private and hybrid clouds.


Mission IT
Mission IT
Information is everywhere. Infusing the power of information and IT into unexpected aspects of agency business makes impossible missions possible.






• Speed up capability deliveries
• Increase mission effectiveness
• Strengthen cybersecurity
• Improve interoperability
• Increase cost efficiencies
• Enhance IT acquisition outcomes


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