International Scholarship Program

Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program for Employee Children

Guidelines for 2015-2016 Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program is to annually provide scholarships to up to three non-US citizen children of Lockheed Martin non-US citizen employees. These scholarships are for the pursuit of studies in any country, including the United States, leading to a university degree equivalent to the baccalaureate degree in the United States.

Award Amount
Scholarships are for $3,000 per year, renewable for up to three additional years, or until completion of the first university degree, whichever comes first.


1.       Applicants must be the non-US citizen children of full-time or part-time non-US citizen Lockheed Martin employees who are working outside the United States. The employee must have had two years full-time or part-time service as of January 31, 2015.

2.       Applicants must intend to enter the university for the first time as full-time students in the calendar year 2015.

3.       This scholarship program is not for post-university degrees, nor for non-degree programs.

Receipt of a scholarship award from another source will not disqualify an applicant from receiving a Lockheed Martin International Scholarship.

Application and Selection
Students who meet eligibility criteria should complete the Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Application Request Form by January 31, 2015, and submit it through email directly to:

Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program

Upon receipt of the Entry Form, the Institute will send eligible students a link to the online full Scholarship Application form. The completed Scholarship Application form will be due back to the Institute by March 31, 2015.

Scholarship awardees will be selected according to merit on a competitive basis and without regard to financial need. The Institute of International Education (IIE) will select the awardees based on the applicant’s academic record, qualities of leadership, extracurricular accomplishments, recommendation letters, and the student’s study proposal.

In no instance will an officer, employee or board member of Lockheed Martin or of the Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation play a part in the selection of scholarship awardees.

Scholarship Awardee Responsibilities
The formal scholarship offer sent to awardees by IIE specifies terms for acceptance and continuation of the award. Candidates will be responsible for securing admission for study at accredited colleges or universities and providing IIE with documentation to that effect prior to receiving final notification of an award. Enrollment must be verified before the stipend checks are sent to the students. The scholarship will not be valid for study at another institution unless so approved by IIE.

Grantees will maintain in contact with the IEE during the course of their studies. To verify eligibility for continued funding, grantees must provide written confirmation of their acceptable academic standing. IIE will send a reminder each spring for grantees to submit paperwork to expedite the renewal process.

All aspects of the application process, selection of awardees, and payments of scholarships are performed by the IIE. Please direct any questions related to the Application Request form and Scholarship Application form to Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program:

The Lockheed Martin International Scholarship Program for Employee Children is coordinated through the Corporate Community Relations office.