Cutting Carbon Emissions

 Reducing energy use is a key element of our environmental protection strategy.

We exceeded our Go Green goal for energy by 6%, achieving a 31% drop in 2012 carbon emissions from our operations compared to 2007 levels. We did this through a range of initiatives, including lighting upgrades, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment improvements, building retrofits, data consolidation efforts, strategic procurement and renewable energy purchases. Reducing emissions and costs in areas like lighting can bring additional benefits such as improved visibility, longer lived fixtures, reduced potential injuries and increased profitability.  We also purchased 491 million kWh of green power in 2012, nearly doubling our 2011 purchase of 274 kWh.

For more detailed information on our greenhouse gas (GHG) management program and specific reduction projects, please see our 2013 Investor CDP Report.


We continue to champion energy conservation and efficiency measures in our facilities through lighting and equipment upgrades, operational assessments, green power purchase requirements in our contracts with utility providers, and the use of renewable energy technology.


Energy Reduction Structured Improvement Activities (SIAs)

In 2010, we launched an initiative to conduct Energy Reduction Structured Improvement Activities (SIAs) at our top energy-consuming sites.  As of the end of 2012, we completed a three-year series of SIAs at 22 sites identifying more than 200 best practices and 1,700 opportunities. These 22 sites represent more than 80% of the Corporation’s total energy usage.


Commuter Alternative Programs

Numerous Lockheed Martin facilities participate in commuter alternative programs to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, saving employees time and money while reducing carbon

emissions. These include transit reimbursement programs, Emergency Ride Home, StarShuttle, the Yellow Bike Program and on-site fitness centers and cafeterias to limit travel during the workday.

  • The SIA team in Sunnyvale, California, identified 10 no-cost projects with an estimated annual savings of $450,000. 
  • The Lockheed Martin Orlando, Florida, facility installed a solar light-emitting diode (LED) outdoor lighting system throughout the campus – the largest outdoor lighting in the state of Florida. The system is also 40% less expensive than conventional electrical lighting.

  • 29% percent of employees at Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems Company Bay Area participate in the Commute Alternatives Program.
  • Together, these 2,325 employees save approximately 772,000 gallons of fuel, thereby reducing 6,900 tons of CO2 emissions.