Conserving Water

We exceeded our Go Green water goal by 7%, decreasing our operational water usage by 32% from 2008 to 2012, a feat that saved more than 700 million gallons. To achieve this progress, we upgraded heating and cooling equipment at many of our sites as well as instituted landscaping projects that reduce or remove the need for irrigation water.


We reduced our water usage through innovative facility upgrade projects, including:

  • Our Data Center in Denver, Colorado, completed a xeriscaping project to eliminate irrigation on two acres of the site. This facility is also currently replacing the water-intensive grass on their parking lot island with native vegetation.
  • Many of our facilities have upgraded restrooms with low-flow toilets and faucets and waterless urinals. Our Orlando, Florida, facility saves 1.4 million gallons of water annually through faucet aerators and automatic fixtures at an installation cost of only $5,000.
  • Changing cooling tower treatment chemicals and repairing a significant cooling tower leak helped contribute to Mission Systems and Sensors’ overall 22% water usage reduction in Syracuse, New York.  
  • Our Palmdale, California, plant installed upgraded cooling towers and low-flow fixtures, thereby reducing its water consumption by 18%.
  • Missiles and Fire Control in Grand Prairie, Texas, inexpensively replaced a malfunctioning process chiller that now saves approximately 10 million gallons of water annually.

For more detailed information on our water management program and specific reduction projects, please see our 2013 Water CDP Report.


Xeriscaping has eliminated irrigation on two acres at our Denver Data Center.