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Energy, Environment Safety & Health

Around the world, complex issues are changing the way we think about sustainable growth and the contributing role of individuals, businesses and communities. Environmental, economic and social concerns present increasing challenges, as well as opportunities, for companies in the global marketplace.

Natural resources, energy, land development, climate change, social issues and economic fluctuations are often closely interconnected. At Lockheed Martin, we consider these factors synergistically when developing and refining our corporate sustainability strategy.

We recently announced we achieved a set of aggressive five-year global environmental goals a year ahead of schedule.  We met or exceeded our goals of reducing water use, waste-to-landfill and carbon emissions by 25 percent each since 2007 levels.

We also have committed through our Go Green 2020 plan to reduce carbon emissions, facility energy use, water use and waste to landfills by the year 2020 using our environmental sustainability performance from 2010 as our baseline. In this plan, we pledge to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions by 35%
  • Reduce facility energy use by 30%
  • Reduce water use by 10%
  • Reduce waste to landfills by 35%

These goals align with environmental targets set forth by our largest customer, the U.S. Department of Defense.

In the area of employee safety, we have reduced recordable workplace injuries.  From 2003 through 2012, we experienced a 75% decrease in severity (lost days) rates, a 57% decrease in day away case rates and a 55% decrease in recordable rates. As we strive for continuous improvement, we place further emphasis on promoting a culture of personal responsibility, management accountability and safety in order to improve our future performance.

We are committed to facing these complex challenges head on, improving both our business performance and contributing to a more sustainable future for our employees, communities and society.

Carol Cala
Vice President
Energy, Environment, Safety & Health


Carol Cala
Vice President
Energy, Environment, Safety & Health

A Global Reaching Enterprise

Lockheed Martin’s operations stretch to every continent in the world:

  • 120,000 global employees
  • 77 million square feet of facility space (including government-owned and company-operated sites)

Within those operations, we are committed to sustainability efforts:

  •  Through the end of 2012, Lockheed Martin had 27 facilities certified as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED certification or credit in an equivalent non-U.S. green building rating system is required for all our new construction, as well as retrofits and future renovations.
  • Lockheed Martin purchased 491 million kWh of green power in 2012, nearly doubling our 2011 purchase of 274kWh.
  • Lockheed Martin continues to expand the use of its energy management product, SEEview™.  Forty Lockheed Martin sites (representing more than 90% of our energy usage and costs) used this product as of the end of 2012. Use of this product combined with energy and water meters enables real-time utility management
  • Lockheed Martin reduced annual carbon emissions by 454,752 MTCO2e (including green power purchases) from 2008 through 2012. This equates to the annual emissions from 94,740 passenger vehicles and from the electricity use of 68,077 homes for one year.