In February 2011, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) formally “delisted” a Lockheed Martin cleanup site in New Hartford, N.Y.

The delisting means the site has been removed from the state’s registry of inactive hazardous waste disposal sites. NYSDEC delisted the property after determining that soil contaminants had been removed to meet state residential standards.

The site housed the former S.O.S. Septic Tank Service, which is commonly referred to as the “Scully” site after the Scully family that owned S.O.S.


Lockheed Martin assumed responsibility for the site because S.O.S. may have deposited liquid waste from a Lockheed Martin heritage operation — the former GE plant on French Road in Utica, N.Y. — on a steep slope that extends to the nearby Sylvan Glen Creek. The GE French Road plant used S.O.S.’s services between 1966 and 1973.


Lockheed Martin Corporation acquired the plant through a series of mergers and assumed responsibility for past operations. Between 2005 and 2009, Lockheed Martin removed more than 113,000 tons (3,200 truck loads) of contaminated dirt from the cleanup site.

After Lockheed Martin completed the cleanup, NYSDEC oversaw quarterly environmental monitoring for one year to determine that the surface water and groundwater were clean.

Results from the monitoring over four consecutive quarters indicated that the surface water and groundwater remained clean and consistently met state standards.


Lockheed Martin fully restored the creek and valley after the cleanup was completed. Excavated areas were backfilled with certified clean imported soil.

The Corporation seeded grass along the creek and in the upland areas of the site. It removed 300 trees during the cleanup and planted 1,000 trees when restoring the site.

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