Integrity Minute

Lockheed Martin’s episodic “Integrity Minute” video series invites you to take a front-row seat in an ethical dilemma. The video series is produced from actual case scenarios taken from the Ethics Office files. Employees can watch new episodes as they are released or view the compilation after the final episode appears. 

All videos are available for licensing and are currently in use within industries as diverse as construction, defense, electronics, engineering, insurance, and pharmaceuticals. For more information on licensing an "Integrity Minute" video, contact the Corporate Ethics Office at (301) 897-6389.

Series 34: Sensitive Information: Proprietary and Personal

Episode 1: Please Take Your Seat

Episode 2: Later on the Same Flight

Episode 3: The Door is Open

Series 34 Compilation (Episodes 1-3)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute replace annual ethics awareness training or compliance training?
No. All employees are still required to complete annual awareness training plus any compliance training courses.

Q: Is it mandatory for employees to view the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute?
No. Employees are not required to watch the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute.

Q: What should I charge my time to while watching the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute?
Consult with your supervisor for any labor charging questions. The Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute episodes are intentionally short (usually 3 minutes each), so that labor charging should not be an issue; however, if employees encounter downloading issues, the time spent could be longer.  Employees without Internet access at work can use their home computers to access the videos on

Q: Some of the issues depicted in the Lockheed Martin Integrity Minute I have experienced or witnessed at my workplace. What should I do about this?
The best option in most situations is to discuss the situation with your supervisor, manager, or someone higher up in your chain of command. If you are not comfortable with this option, contact Human Resources or your Ethics Officer. You can also call the Corporate HelpLine at 1-800-LM-ETHICS (1-800-563-8442).

contact corporate ethics

Call the Corporate Ethics Helpline

From the United States:
1-800-LM-ETHIC (1-800-563-8442)

From Outside the United States:
Use the International Access Code listing to find the AT&T Direct Access Code for your country and dial this number before dialing
1-800-LM-ETHIC (1-800-563-8442).

From a TTY Machine:

The Corporate Ethics HelpLine is answered from 8am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday, except on days when Corporate Headquarters is closed.

All contacts to the Ethics organization are handled confidentially.



Lockheed Martin Corporation
Corporate Ethics Office
6801 Rockledge Drive, MP 211
Bethesda, MD 20817

U.S. Access Code (if required) + 301-897-6442


Check out the How the Ethics Process Works brochure for more information about contacting Ethics.

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