Quality and Performance Give Lockheed Martin an Edge

As the 2014 IAM labor negotiations approach, employees have asked questions about Lockheed Martin’s approach to affordability issues in a difficult economic environment and a more competitive market. This article addresses that topic.

Lockheed Martin is planning for a long and successful future. Recognizing the economic climate, budget constraints and an increasingly competitive global market for the aerospace and defense industry, Lockheed Martin continues efforts to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Every day the innovation, integrity and talent of Lockheed Martin employees help customers achieve some of their most critical missions. For the past several years, Lockheed Martin has been proactive to meet customer needs and stay competitive. Everyone at Lockheed Martin plays a critical role in making this a reality.

It starts with a commitment to the mission – to design and build the best products in our industry and world. The three principles that will help to propel Lockheed Martin well into the future are simple: be present, be productive, be persevering.

Everyone at Lockheed Martin must be committed to a relentless focus on quality, and the focus starts with the most basic of work ethic standards – arriving to work on time as scheduled and ready to tackle assignments – to accepting how to best accomplish the goal – having the right people with the right skills in the right job at the right time.

Lockheed Martin values employees with the experience and expertise needed to accomplish the mission. That means encouraging employees to grow in their positions, become proficient and gain expertise through consistency and longevity.

Achieving the one-of-a-kind quality that will set Lockheed Martin apart from competitors takes teamwork and dedication. It requires honesty, accountability and pride in the work we do. Lockheed Martin is unmatched in the integrity of its workforce, the reputation of its products and the teamwork to meet the demand of a fiercely competitive global market.

At Lockheed Martin, you’re part of a team composed of the best and brightest in our industry. You have a chance to contribute to some of our customers’ most important missions. Having skilled employees who adhere to our corporate values – do what’s right, respect others and perform with excellence -- will ensure continued timely delivery of quality products around the globe.

As Lockheed Martin continues to move to a customer-focused culture, adapting and responding to their needs, especially as they face tighter budgets constraints, will be even more important. Lockheed Martin must exercise fiscal discipline and manage with flexibility to operate the business and compete in the industry.

A commitment to delivering a quality product that is on time and on budget is critical to our joint success. Together, our partnership will ensure our company’s success for a long-term future.