Centennial Super Connie Contest Winner

Harpreet Giani - United Kingdom



I was born and grew up in a country, and at a time when air travel was exotic and opportunities for becoming a pilot were non-existent. And we are talking about the 1980s here.

The closest I came to flying, or even learning about fliers was from preciously hoarded copies of world war 2 Commando comics and children’s books.

I promised myself that if ever I managed to move to England, or any other place which was more GA friendly, I would become a pilot even if it meant starving or forgoing all other things.

Happily, I moved to London in early 2012 and joined a flying school. I have been airborne twice so far, and each trip into the clouds has reaffirmed my passion.

I count myself lucky that the internet made available a wealth of aviation history which motivated me to overcome a multitude of hurdles

  • I lost almost 30 kilos – from a morbidly obese status to slightly overweight – so that I could fly
  • Left home and hearth and moved halfway across the world – so that I could fly
  • Overcame the mental hurdle about being too old – so that I could fly
  • Read up scores of medical and aviation journals about colour-blindness – so that I could fly

Flying on the Lockheed Super Constellation would have been unimaginable for me even six months ago.

But I have made it up till here so far, and am looking forward to the next leg of this wonderful journey.