Centennial Super Connie Contest Winner

Kasey Hunter - United States



I was a young child when I was exposed to a P-40 at an airshow in San Antonio, Texas. I didn’t know much about airplanes at the time but I knew that the shark teeth on this plane meant it must have been particularly special!

My fascination grew exponentially after my first “encounter,” and I spent my childhood playing with warplanes instead of barbies, talking my way through shuttle missions in my play tent, and arranging my stuffed animals like passengers on my bed while I “flew.” The awe that I felt for the bravery of pilots past and the wonder of flight led me to join the Army to work on AH-64D’s.

I aspired to fly them, but an injury early in my career prevented me from pursuing that goal. Now as a disabled veteran, I am pursuing my A&P license and just today made my very first entry in my logbook from flying a Piper Cherokee.

Aviation permeates my life. I play in a band that has a vintage aviation theme, and my bass with B-17 data plates riveted into it. My 2004 Ford Mustang is named after a P-51D. My significant other is a military aviator and our dinner discussions often involve names like Chennault, Boyd, Kelly, and Hughes.

A day never goes by that we don’t discuss the respect, admiration, and love that we have for those who have pursued this passion before us.