Centennial Super Connie Contest Winner

Kevin Sullivan - United Kingdom



One of my earliest childhood memories was sitting on the bonnet of my late grandfather’s car, devouring ice cream and staring in fascination at the props & jets as they came and went at my local airport, Ringway International as it was back then. What I didn’t realise at the time was the long lasting legacy and impact that this would have on my future years but also the privilege that I’d had in enjoying the tail end of the ‘glory years’ of aviation.

Regretfully I missed the opportunity to capture those moments in the non-digital world but then that would have possibly taken away some of the magic and memories that I’ve retained, whiling away many an hour sat on the terraces or staring into the sky searching for the noise.

It could have been the noise, the smell, the speed or even the stories that my grandfather shared but the bug had well and truly ‘bitten’ and my destiny was determined… aviation was in my blood and I was an AvGeek!!

Only once more did my path cross with an active Connie, way back in 1989 at the piston-prop haven that was Miami but it’s a moment I’ll never forget. If only they could invent a time machine!!!!