Centennial Super Connie Contest Winner

Remco Timmermans - Netherlands



This mosaic is comprised of aviation and space-related photographs Remco has taken over many  years. Together, these images depict the Breitling Connie, which Remco photographed at the 2011 Paris Airshow. Click to zoom in and see more.

Click the image above to view a larger version of the mosaic.

It is all my grandparents’ fault. All this would not have happened if they hadn’t told me about their epic flights from Europe to Asia in the 1940’s. If they hadn’t taken me to our local airport to meet the spotters. If they hadn’t taken me to all our aviation history museums when I was a little boy.

My flightpath started before I could remember, triggered by people who actually remembered the birth of flight. Stories about biplanes flying dangerously low over their house in the 1920s, making everybody run into their gardens to watch the miracle.

At age 12 my parents took me on my first flight. I still remember every detail. Nervously boarding the Fokker F27 of a long disappeared airline, for a very short and noisy domestic flight. The miracle of flight had definitely passed through three generations.

Thirty years and many flight miles further, the magic of flight hasn’t disappeared. Proud of having flown many classic airliners. Even more proud of having witnessed human flight into space. In the process now of passing the pride to yet another generation. My children have flown all around the world, now dreaming of flying into space as a tourist one day.

I feel part of history, connecting those early magnificent men in their flying machines with the modern space tourist. A wonderful time to live in!