Our Approach

our approach
we create solutions to global challenges for a better tomorrow

From deep space to deep sea, we innovate products that serve industries as diverse as aerospace, military, utilities,
financial services, oil and gas, and telecommunications. We support customers who uphold national security,
invest in advanced technologies and maintain global infrastructure.

Our sustainability mission is to foster innovation, integrity and security to protect the environment,
strengthen communities and propel responsible growth. This is how we practice

the science   of   citizenship


The societies of tomorrow will depend on businesses like ours to provide the infrastructures of global security, communications and clean, reliable energy to ensure their resiliency and progress. Working closely with our domestic and foreign government customers allows us to contribute to sustainable development, and economic and social progress worldwide.

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we unlock value for society

Beyond defense, our solutions navigate deep space and deep seas to secure natural resources and protect human lives. We meet global infrastructure needs through alternative energy generation, power grid management, space-based communications and cyber security solutions, and indirectly through the application of unmanned systems, simulation and training, and other technologies that strengthen productivity and safety for agriculture, healthcare, mining and transportation infrastructure.

strategic sustainability

The Lockheed Martin Sustainability Management Plan (SMP) manages and measures performance of our core issues and corresponding objectives. Launched in 2013, it outlines indicators of sustainability in our business decisions and practices with varying time horizons.

In 2015, we conducted a second core issues assessment with increased stakeholder engagement. This involved a formal, inclusive, four-step assessment of sustainability factors based on their importance to our business and stakeholders. We also looked for ways to improve related information disclosure.

We focused on global megatrends and engaged 25% more external and internal stakeholders with U.S., European and global perspectives in structured discussions about their expectations and our priorities throughout 2015. We explored how our largest customer, the U.S. Department of Defense, defines sustainability through impacts such as reduced fuel consumption, energy-related risk avoidance and capabilities needed to address tomorrow’s threats. We consulted leading risk and sustainability frameworks to balance expectations of transparency.

These collaborative dialogues have led to shifts in how we prioritize integration of sustainability across our operations and product portfolio, contextualize the various impacts and improve our demonstration of those connections.

Our latest Sustainability Management Plan now includes a set of factors and goals that reflect the feedback we’ve received.

sustainability management plan - CORE ISSUES

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