Partnerships and Suppliers

Supply Chain

Suppliers play a key role in the delivery of Lockheed Martin Canada’s strategy. Doing business with Canadian-based suppliers and small businesses adds fuel to the engine of the economy and works to deliver enduring economic benefits for Canada.

Success on our programs is in large part attributed to our strong Canadian supply chain. Across all programs, our company has managed over 1300 contracts with Canadian companies spanning nine provinces in the country and continues to grow.  This work offers Canadian companies an opportunity to broaden their portfolios to sustain and grow their businesses.

International Supply Chain

Lockheed Martin Canada also continues to build its international presence, managing over 60 contracts with international companies in ten countries and helping them establish or enhance a Canadian footprint for future exports.

By virtue of their size, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) often have unique attributes which make them agile and responsive in progressing innovative thinking and new technologies. As Lockheed Martin Canada’s strategy to expand its business develops further, SMEs figure prominently in our plans - working to develop mutually beneficial relationships which utilize their agility and innovation.

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