Jack Holman

Jack’s Honours project at university was to automate a small unmanned submarine, so when the opportunity to work on Australia’s Future Submarine fleet came up, he jumped at the opportunity.

Jack is a Hardware Engineer Associate working in a team that is laying the groundwork for the development of Australia’s Future Submarine fleet. Jack joined the team this year after graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronic) (Honours) and a Bachelor of Math and Computer Science (Computer Science).

“I did not know how much I wanted to work in defence, until I began applying for positions; however, with programs such as the Future Submarines, the opportunities available in the defence sector are unmatched,” said Jack.

“I have spoken to many graduate engineers stating their struggle to find local employment in South Australia. However, with the current development in the defence sector there are many opportunities for graduates and experienced professionals alike to obtain a potentially long term and rewarding career in South Australia as engineers, particularly here at Lockheed Martin Australia,” continued Jack.

Lockheed Martin is the combat system integrator for the Future Submarine Program, collaborating with the Australian Department of Defence and Naval Group to design a combat system, maximising the involvement of Australian industry and using a local workforce.  For Jack, the opportunity to see firsthand how engineering skills translate into different roles has been invaluable.

Jack believes the culture at Lockheed Martin Australia is unparalleled, and he enjoys working as a productive member of a well-respected team.

“Although entering Lockheed Martin as a graduate engineer, I have been given responsibilities suited to my skillsets that enable me to be a productive member of a well-respected team.  I have been welcomed by and worked alongside colleagues with years of experience more than myself. Yet I work with them as an equally contributing member of the team,” said Jack.