AIR 6500 Joint Battle Management System - Industry Expression of Interest

Australian & New Zealand based businesses should register their interest using the form below.

The Royal Australian Air Force’s vision is to transform into a fully networked, 5th generation force able to prevail against the increasingly complex and lethal threats of warfare in the information age.  Key to this vision is AIR 6500, a joint battle management system that will interconnect the many disparate platforms, systems and sensors across the air, land space, electromagnetic and cyber domains into a collaborative environment that provides shared situational awareness of the battlespace and the ability to rapidly plan responses to threats.

The AIR 6500 program presents an opportunity for Australian Industry to participate in an exciting and strategically important program to build and maintain an enduring and regionally superior Australian capability. Lockheed Martin Australia is committed to identifying potential suppliers with the ability to develop, integrate, build, supply and maintain capabiliteis and elements within Australia.  Opportunities for Australian Industry will centre on engineering design, integration activities, equipment provision, sustainment and development of niche C4ISR capabilities.

Lockheed Martin Australia invites companies to register interest for participating in the AIR 6500 program using the form below to provide your capabilities and contact details.

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