Battlegroup Command and Control Trainer (BC2T)

In its simplest form, the Battlegroup Command and Control Trainer (BC2T) provides the higher echelon commander with the ability to train subordinate (lower echelon) commanders and staff in battle planning and execution within the high tempo manoeuvre environment that forms current military doctrine. It permits the development of battle plans and subsequent execution of these plans within a synthetic environment.

As well as providing manoeuvre units the system also integrates supporting capabilities such as air defence, artillery, combat engineering and close air support.

BC2T comprises a network of computers providing workstations and semi-automated forces (SAF) functionality. Semi-automated forces are computer-generated forces (CGF) that react in a manner similar to real forces according to computer models contained in the SAF engine. The SAF are programmed with the doctrine and behaviour associated with the force being simulated, so that during an exercise, they move and react in a realistic manner over the gaming area. The gaming area is a geo-specific synthetic environment of the battlefield, generated from standard format digital mapping data.

BC2T enables forces to “train as they fight” ie training participants and role players can carry out tasks much as they would do for real.

Lockheed Martin were selected in September 2003, as prime contractor, to supply and support the battlegroup level constructive training capability of the British Army.