The 21st century battlefield is more decentralized and geographically dispersed than ever before. Friendly forces must dominate the air, land, sea, as well as the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum and space. All the while, adversaries are relying on the spectrum and computer networks to plan and execute their operations. A contested battlespace so wide and far-reaching makes distinguishing friend from foe a daunting task.

In this environment, cyber/electromagnetic warfare represents the next evolution in advanced warfighting. Properly equipped cyber warriors conducting synchronized cyber operations is the combat multiplier that will allow the military to seize the initiative before a single bullet is fired. With the right weapon systems in place, a cyber-enabled force can rapidly leverage the convergence of the warfighting domains to change the face of modern combat.

Our Solution

Lockheed Martin is actively addressing warfighters’ needs for cyber, intelligence, electronic warfare (EW), information operations (IO) and reliable communications today and tomorrow. With more than 45 years of cyber and integrated electronic warfare experience, the company is pulling from cross domain technologies developed for various services using an open system architecture. This creates functionally dynamic and cost effective Cyber/EW/IO weapon system capabilities.

Our expert team is making great strides in assisting battlefield commanders in understanding their electromagnetic environment, performing command and control, and delivering prioritized, effective and tailored responses.

It can be said that the best cyber operation is the one that ends a conflict before it even starts.  Advanced network and RF sensors integrated with a versatile line of offensive and defensive cyber, electronic attack, and IO systems will help friendly forces fight the fight of the future by seeing and striking the enemy first.