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About Us

Our Story

Lockheed Martin Energy is a line of business within Lockheed Martin that delivers targeted, flexible, affordable and effective energy management solutions to customers all over the world. These solutions include long duration energy storage, federal energy solutions and nuclear instruments and controls.

Energy not only aligns to our core mission, it also capitalizes on our core capabilities. Lockheed Martin is built upon decades of historical knowledge in engineering and technology innovation, and LM Energy has capitalized on that legacy for our energy solutions, bringing that expertise to bear for our customers with an unmatched combination of technical excellence, systems integration and customer service.

For over 86 years, we have invested in smart, natural and safe energy technologies, dating back to our first patent in 1933. Over the years, technology from military space programs, navy nuclear controls, C-130 propellers, the Space Shuttle, systems integration, and advanced manufacturing have all enabled Lockheed Martin to make major advances in the energy business.
We leverage our history and incredible capability in cyber security, advanced manufacturing techniques, scale and stability and innovative technologies to provide comprehensive, turnkey energy solutions for utility, commercial, industrial and military applications, backed by the Lockheed Martin name and warranty.

Your Mission is Ours®

Our customers tackle the hardest missions. At Lockheed Martin Energy, our mission is focused on helping our customers achieve their energy transformation.  

Why Lockheed Martin Energy?

Stable, Long-Term Partner

Lockheed Martin Energy has an over 100-year history and a strong track record of honoring customer commitments.

Focus on Continuous Product Improvement

Lockheed Martin Energy employs a robust and continuous development process that includes incorporating industry and customer feedback and previous lessons learned into product design and development. 

Global Scale and Deployment

Lockheed Martin Energy operates in more than 40 countries and has a dedicated global team. SEEload® is deployed at some of the largest electric utilities in the United States, supporting over five million customers with over 500,000 active enrollments across several different DR programs on a single cloud-hosted production instance.

Cybersecurity Expertise

With a focus on enhanced cybersecurity, security issues are core for all Lockheed Martin Energy products. As the world’s largest defense contractor offering cyber security for customers including the army. Lockheed Martin Energy’s history is rooted in designing cyber secure systems.  

Our Solutions