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Energy Management
We offer systems and solutions to improve the transmission, distribution and usage of power for utilities, commercial enterprises, and government agencies.
Demand Response

We help utilities control demand-side load as a resource, improve reliability and create new economic opportunities.

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We apply our command and control technology to electric distribution management and demand response management for some of the largest utilities in the nation.

Our tools let distribution operators and energy managers view, measure and control energy supply, demand and usage – with built-in analytics that integrate with existing systems, help capture cost savings, and enable proactive interventions to best deliver and use energy resources on an enterprise-wide scale.

Turn Your Data into Savings

Using our Smart Energy Enterprise Suite (SEEsuite), utilities can manage and reduce electric load during times of peak usage and maintain grid stability as a means of deferring costly infrastructure upgrades.

SEEload is our advanced load management system that not only handles traditional demand response but also enables you to control demand side load as a resource, improve system reliability and create new economic opportunities.   LEARN MORE
SEEview monitors, on a real-time basis, electricity, gas and water use in a single building or across multiple facilities simultaneously, so you not only can view consumption but also manage and control it.  LEARN MORE
VirtuGrid enables data (voltage, power, energy readings, GPS location, phase and circuit connectivity) to be sent from the remote location to the substation over the same path as the power, enabling remote awareness of the grid and enhancing its value. VirtuGrid facilitates control and timing of remote communications with multiple types of standard down line communication networks with very low bandwidth usage.  LEARN MORE

Proven Performance

  • We provide energy management solutions to 8 of the largest 10 utilities in the U.S.
  • We’re proud to work with more than 70 major utilities, commercial enterprises, and federal and state agencies worldwide.
  • In 2015, our programs saved electric and gas utility customers more than 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours of energy - that’s enough energy to power nearly 150,000 homes for a year.

SEEgrid, SEEload, SEEsuite, SEEview are Registered Trademarks of Lockheed Martin Corporation.
VirtuGrid is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Energy Efficiency

We implement award-winning commercial, industrial, utility and residential energy efficiency programs and energy savings performance contracts.

As one of the largest implementers of energy efficiency projects in the United States, we partner with government, industrial and commercial customers to deliver energy savings.

We manage energy efficiency projects to ensure our customers conserve energy, increase operational efficiencies and maximize capital spending.

  • Commercial sector programs focus on building and tenant improvements, real estate value appreciation, lease value appreciation, and energy and technology discriminators in the marketplace.

  • Industrial programs help customers achieve their goals of maximizing output while reducing manufacturing expenses through process improvements and strategic energy management initiatives, as well as plant modernization, process cost reduction, reliability and sustainability.

  • Government sector programs take into account the federal mandates that customers must meet, such as energy intensity reduction, laws and executive orders, sustainability, energy independence and energy security.

By encouraging the use of energy efficient equipment and processes, and ensuring that those alternatives maximize energy savings, we help our clients meet their energy goals and protect the environment at the same time.


Intelligent Microgrids
We deliver resiliency solutions, through advanced distribution management, renewables and microgrid design.
Operations & IT
We leverage our IT expertise to modernize systems infrastructure, enhance asset management and empower data analytics and cyber security.
Damage Assessment
We leverage our expertise in advanced data analytics and sensor technologies to help commercial utilities quickly and automatically assess damaged poles, power lines and utility assets.
Lockheed Martin’s Automated Rapid Infrastructure Evaluation System (ARIES) Brings Situational Awareness and Intelligent Decision Support to the Commercial Utility Industry. By leveraging advanced remote sensing technologies with state-of-the art image and data analytics, ARIES provides a fast, reliable and automated solution for assessing damage to utility infrastructure. Whether assessing damage to overhead electric distribution lines following a crippling ice storm, or determining current or predicted impacts of floodwaters to critical gas or electric assets, ARIES rapidly turns collected aerial LiDAR and visual imagery into aggregated, actionable information to support crucial storm-mode decisions, including Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) issuance, inventory analyses and crew sourcing / mutual assistance needs.
Energy Storage

We provide turn-key energy storage systems for commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

Our energy storage systems save our customers money, make the grid more efficient, and enable the increased use of renewable energy.

Commercial and Industrial
  • Integrate and use on-site solar
  • Trim peak electricity demand and reduce utility bills today
  • Improve power reliability and quality
Utilities and Developers
  • Defer costly upgrades to transmission and distribution infrastructure equipment
  • Integrate intermittent renewable energy
  • Add local flexible capacity
  • Reduce peak demand
We excel at advancing innovative, fully-integrated, solutions for mission critical applications.
We provide the scale, stability, and long-term commitment our customers need for success.
GridStar Energy Storage
Fully integrated solutions, including energy storage, power conversion, AC/DC protection, thermal management and controls.

Flexible and scalable (ranging in size from 125 kW to multi-MW).

Backed by a company you can depend on.

Complete AC-AC Solution.

Modular. Compact Package.

Full Lockheed Martin Warranty.

GridStar Flow
For longer duration applications, we are pioneering innovative long-duration flow battery systems. Flow batteries can achieve low cost at long discharge times if the technology is designed right.

Our coordination chemistry flow battery (CCFB) systems are designed to be affordable, durable, and safe.

Lockheed Martin Energy Storage Development Network

We are leveraging our global network of talent and resources to develop the next generation of energy storage systems and batteries. Locations include: Dallas, TX;  Cambridge, MA;  Palo Alto, CA

Energy Storage

Multi-MW Test Lab

We have a comprehensive multi-MW testing, demonstration, and validation facility.


GridStar is a trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.
Nuclear Systems

We provide instrumentation and control systems to ensure safety of commercial and government nuclear power programs.

Proven Performance

Lockheed Martin Energy is the world’s premier systems integrator and leading provider of safety-critical nuclear instrumentation & control systems for commercial and Department of Defense Customers.

Lockheed Martin systems are currently operating aboard all U.S. Navy submarines and aircraft carriers deployed worldwide. This expertise and industry-specific safety culture are being applied in the commercial nuclear generating industry.

Nuclear Energy

What We Can Do For You

Safety Critical Instrumentation & Control

Safety Components and Systems

Nuclear Protection & Control (NuPAC) FPGA Platform, NRC License Topical Report (LTR) Submitted

Discrete Logic Solving System (DLSS) Non-digital Platform

DoD Safety Components and Systems

Full Suite of Software-Based Solutions

Programmable Logic and FPGA

Discrete Logic Without Software-Like Elements

Systems Integration

First-of-a-Kind Technology Demonstrations and Integration

Integration of Diversity and Defense In Depth Safety Controls

Complete Control Rooms Including HMI and HFE Elements

Quality Systems & Industry Credentials

10CFR50 Appendix B and NQA-1 Compliant Quality Management System

AS9100 and ISO 14001 Certified

Manufacturing Services

Design-to-Production Detailing

Design Qualification

Electro-mechanical Assembly, Product Fabrication and Manufacturing

Nuclear controls


Tidal Energy

Tremendous potential exists for clean energy in waves and tides. Lockheed Martin is leveraging its experience and expertise with maritime systems to design and develop tidal power systems.

Tidal Projects

MeyGen Scotland

MeyGen, Scotland

Lockheed Martin has entered into a global partnership with Singapore-based Atlantis Resources Limited, a leading turbine supplier and project developer in the tidal power industry, to design and provide engineering services for Atlantis’ turbine systems.

Lockheed Martin is under contract with Atlantis as a key manufacturing partner for the next generation turbine – the AR1500. The AR1500 is expected to be deployed in Pentland Firth for the MeyGen project – the world’s largest tidal stream project under development.

Tidal Photos


As the world population swells to more than seven billion and counting, the need for sustainable waste disposal and clean energy generation is growing with it. Lockheed Martin’s bioenergy power generation systems have the potential to solve both challenges.

Lockheed Martin and Concord Blue have signed an agreement to jointly develop advanced waste conversion systems to address waste disposal, energy security and climate control issues through clean energy production. Lockheed Martin provides its engineering, program management, procurement, manufacturing and integration experience to apply Concord Blue’s patented technology globally in the expanding waste-to-energy arena.

How to Turn Waste into Energy


Bioenergy Infographic

Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Bioenergy Photos

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