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Lockheed Martin Energy helps federal agencies achieve energy resilience and reduce installation operating costs with GridStar® Flow, our advanced, long-duration energy storage technology. GridStar Flow is an innovative, redox flow battery designed to advance energy resilience, affordability, and sustainability for Department of Defense (DOD) and federal energy applications. 
Engineering the Future of Energy   ___

To achieve energy resilience, DOD installations must minimize backup fossil fuel required to sustain critical mission operations during a 14- to 30-day grid outage. On-site storage of large amounts of fuel is problematic, and disruptions during a widespread, long-term outage could inhibit resupply. GridStar Flow is optimized to provide six or more hours of duration to ensure critical operations can continue in the event of a long-term power outage. In addition, GridStar Flow has been engineered to achieve additional attributes including:

•    Flexibility to switch between use cases to maximize revenue

•    100 percent depth-of-discharge with minimal degradation

•    A design life of 20 years

•    Ability to size energy and power independently

•    Mildly alkaline, aqueous electrolytes that are safe (nonflammable, noncorrosive, stable)

•    Competitive total cost of ownership

This durability, flexibility and safety ensures that no matter the mission, GridStar Flow is ready to respond.

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Applications   ___

GridStar Flow can be seamlessly incorporated into integrated projects that include critical mission loads, renewable and backup generation, microgrid controls, and the main power grid. Applications include:

•    Critical mission resilience

•    Demand response and peak shaving

•    Renewable energy integration

•    Islanded microgrids

•    Demand charge management

•    Capacity charge management

•    Energy charge management

Flow Batteries for Flexible, Long-Duration Energy Storage   ___

Energy storage can play a vital role in providing resilience, stability, reliability and capacity. In the earlier stages of energy storage, lithium-ion emerged as a dominant design for short-duration frequency regulation and renewables integration. However, the industry is continuously moving toward energy storage with longer and longer duration.

This paper examines:

•    The market drivers behind long-duration, high-durability storage

•    The capabilities of long-duration technologies

•    The advantages of redox flow batteries

•    The ideal architecture and application of long-duration storage for optimal results

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