Nuclear Instrumentation and Controls

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Since 1954, Lockheed Martin Energy has provided safety-critical nuclear instrumentation and control (I&C) systems to commercial and US government customers to protect nuclear power generation facilities and ensure safety measures are operational when needed.

Our I&C solutions incorporate modern, analog electronics and digital elements to enhance reliability, support modernization efforts and create simple, easy-to-use platforms. Each of our systems are modular and can be customized to fit exact project requirements.

In addition, Lockheed Martin Energy offers a set of services to support nuclear power generation programs including integrated control rooms, simulation and training and independent verification and validation.

Nuclear I&C Solutions   ___
Discrete Logic Solving Systems

Discrete Logic Solving Systems

Discrete logic solving systems (DLSS) provides safety-critical instrumentation and control applications – offering numerous nuclear power plant solutions without software-like elements. DLSS protects nuclear power plants by monitoring, calculating and actuating protective elements to ensure safety measures are operational when needed.

Navy Nuclear Systems

Navy Nuclear Systems

Lockheed Martin is a worldwide leader in providing gold-standard safety-critical nuclear instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for naval submarines, aircraft carriers and surface warships. We incorporate digital technology to make our I&C systems more reliable, with finer controls, increased efficiency and greater longevity. Our systems operate aboard all U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers worldwide.



The Nuclear Protection and Control (NuPAC) Reactor Protection System is a nuclear plant protection solution designed to provide modern digital safety-critical instrumentation and control functionality. With NuPAC, utilities can implement robust and deterministic solutions for safety-critical requirements.

Rod Control Equipment

Rod Control Equipment

Lockheed Martin supplies rod control drive systems for commercial and federal reactors, advanced power generation reactors and small modular reactors. Our rod control equipment can be cross applied to DLSS, NuPAC or any other safety platform. With a modular design, our equipment can be customized for any reactor.

Why Lockheed Martin   ___
  • Largest supplier of complex safety critical I&C systems for US government and commercial markets
  • Full-service provider, including design, manufacturing and full-service support
  • Over 65 years of proven design and manufacturing expertise
  • Vertically integrated capabilities to address all customer needs
  • Customized designs for all applications
Nuclear Digital Design

DLSS Provides Critical Update to Commercial Nuclear Power Plant

In partnership with Framatome, Lockheed Martin successfully completed the installation and site acceptance testing of DLSS to create a new Engineered Safety Features Actuation System (ESFAS) replacement for Exelon Generation’s Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant during the plant’s spring refueling outage.
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