The Scios™ product lines represent the culmination of decades of research and development on solutions for the warfighter’s toughest problems. The product lines serve to integrate all of our expertise and capabilities into a scalable repository that can be leveraged and customized to meet specific needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Common Architecture

Reducing system sustainment and training costs through cross-collaboration and optimized training and logistics performance.

Platform Agnostic Solutions

Providing platform independent, “plug and play” solutions that can to be applied to air, land, and sea platforms.


Meeting the needs of the customer with scalable products, both up and down, driving maximum efficiency and performance.

Optimum Performance

Taking the best components from the best systems to deliver optimum product offerings – today and well in to the future.


Integrated suite of proven logistics products providing full mission support for air, land and sea platforms.


Full range of training systems from desktops to mission simulators for state of the art platform training.


A comprehensive set of world class test and support systems to ensure mission success and warfighter safety.


Live, virtual and constructive training environments using augmented/virtually reality to provide state of the art training.


Student focused, performance-based, turn-key training solution providing optimized end-to-end learning experience.

Knowledge Is Power:

Introducing "Scio" Smart Training Systems

Introducing Lockheed Martin’s “scio” smart family of training, simulation and logistics products. These products provide full mission support for air, land, and sea platforms.

Scios – derived from the Latin prefix ‘scio,’ meaning knowledge – was selected to brand the product offering of smart, technologically-driven solutions.