K-MAX Returns to United States, Prepares for Redeployment

The U.S. Marine Corps’ cargo-hauling unmanned helicopter returned to Lockheed Martin’s Owego, New York, facility after completing a 33-month deployment to Afghanistan. During its deployment, K-MAX conducted 1,900 resupply missions and delivered 4.5 million pounds of cargo to troops. Since November 2011, K-MAX has reduced the number of truck resupply convoys and their troop escorts, protecting soldiers on the ground from improvised explosive devices and insurgent attacks.

“We are proud to welcome home the unmanned K-MAX Team from their successful deployment in theater,” said Dan Spoor, vice president of Aviation and Unmanned Systems at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business. “K-MAX exceeded expectations as an unmanned platform in keeping our troops out of harm’s way, and we continue to develop onboard technology and autonomy for future military and civil missions.”

Manufactured by Kaman Aerospace Corporation and outfitted with its mission package of systems and sensors by Lockheed Martin, the heavy-lifting K-MAX is a transformational technology that can lift 6,000 pounds of cargo at sea level. Capable of flying delivery missions day and night, K-MAX can reach remote locations without risking a life. Its sophisticated mission systems increase safety for operators and provide enhanced situational awareness for difficult missions in harsh environments.

Outside of its military application, K-MAX can significantly benefit commercial and civil missions, including firefighting; oil and gas pipelining; completing construction tasks; and participating in humanitarian aid efforts.