Segregating, Securing & Sharing Intelligence

Enabling Coalition Operations through Cross Domain Solutions

When a Joint Force Commander at the White House and a special operations officer request highly sensitive imagery of a specific location, they need the intelligence in real time, but they receive it in different ways. The Commander receives the data on a top-secret domain system in the White House and the special operations officer could receive it on an unsecure smartphone.

Fielding a system capable of supporting such far-reaching information exchange requires a network enterprise that seamlessly connects the multitude of intelligence data producers, processors and end users. One of the main ways to securely share sensitive data between unclassified and classified security domains is through the cross domain solution or CDS.

A Secure Guard

By incorporating a suite of trusted network-encryption technologies that “guards” classified and sensitive data from unauthorized access, cross domain solutions allow data to be manually and/or automatically transferred between two or more differing security domains. Lockheed Martin has been honing these capabilities for more than 25 years and the result is secure solutions that allow users with top secret, secret and no security clearances to securely share informationwhile simultaneously protecting networks from corruption.

Lockheed Martin’s first cross domain solution was developed in 1992 to address the U.S. Navy’s need to pass formatted messages between systems and networks at different security levels. This system has been upgraded to process hundreds of data formats at speeds up to 10 times faster than previous versions. Accredited at the highest level of protection in the United States for secure information sharing, this system supports U.S., coalition and international partners at more than 450 sites worldwide. Lockheed Martin has more than 900 operational systems in the field.

"Cross-domain security is constantly evolving, and that evolution must accelerate to match the pace of technology advances."

Solution Evolution

Cross-domain security is constantly evolving, and that evolution must accelerate to match the pace of technology advances.  A system failure that disables networks or compromises top-secret data is not acceptable.

Leveraging a keen knowledge of the community’s needs, Lockheed Martin is developing innovative products to achieve next-generation capabilities. This includes the ability to transfer information seamlessly from the highest-to-lowest security levels with a single security solution. By recognizing the complexities of cross-domain solution development and accreditation, as well as the tremendous benefits offered by agile, enterprise-wide architectures, Lockheed Martin is helping lead the cross-domain security community into a new era of secure and efficient information sharing — an era that achieves the optimal balance of the needs for infallible security and time-dominant information transfer.