5G from Space by Lockheed Martin

5G Connectivity from Space

For our defense industry customers to seamlessly and securely connect all assets in the joint battlespace and enable prompt and decisive action, we're building advanced 5G.MIL™ technology.

Space is the beginning of global ubiquitous connectivity and a joint all-domain operations mindset requires advanced, resilient communications capabilities which connect legacy assets with modern technology.

Fifth Generation (5G) waveforms, software and hardware bring greater connectivity, higher throughput and the ultra-low latency needed for edge devices, like autonomous systems, to operate in the joint battlespace and fully harness the power of artificial intelligence. As a result, warfighters can expect better operations in contested and denied environments and have access to data to perform their missions anywhere in the world.

Leveraging its industry experience and commercial partnerships, Lockheed Martin is positioned to help its customers field, scale and integrate this technology rapidly and affordably across all operations on land, water, in air, space and cyber.

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5G wireless networks offer two primary advantages over earlier generations: high bandwidth availability and low latency. 5G provides enhanced communications to a wide host of end user devices ranging from mobile user devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices in vehicles, appliances, and sensors. Read more.
Lockheed Martin is operationalizing the technical capabilities of 5th generation (5G) waveforms, software, and hardware to improve our defense products and their performance in support of our warfighters. The 5G mobile standard enables high bandwidth, low-latency data rates which are connecting smart cities, enabling autonomous vehicles and connecting devices at home and work. We are working to extend that to our warfighters operating in communications contested and denied environments, so they have access to data to perform their missions anywhere in the world. Read more.

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