Global Aegis Fleet

Global Aegis Fleet

Aegis is the most-advanced, most-deployed combat system in the world. The flexible nature of Aegis allows the system to meet a variety of mission requirements. The Aegis Combat System has evolved into a worldwide network, encompassing more than 100 ships among eight classes in six countries — Australia, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Spain and the United States.

Partnering for Success

Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Combat System ensures our partners achieve their national security goals with a proven, certified, naval combat capability. The scalable nature of the Aegis Weapon System also allows the system to fit the budgets of allied nations by leveraging of previous upgrades, providing substantial cost savings.

Aegis-equipped ships from Spain, Norway and the U.S. participated in a unique multinational test demonstrating the ability of Aegis-equipped ships to share data with other ships and defense assets to complete a mission.

At Lockheed Martin we are committed to working with local industry to shape best-value solutions that deliver low-risk, proven capability with high levels of local content, technology transfer and workshare.

Where in the World is Aegis

U.S. Navy

The Aegis Weapon System is currently deployed on 22 U.S. Navy Ticonderoga-class cruisers and 62 Arleigh-Burke-class destroyers.

Royal Australian Navy

Lockheed Martin's Aegis Weapons System forms a central element of the area defense capabilities that will be provided by the Royal Australian Navy's new fleet of three Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyers.

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force

Aegis provides four of Japan’s Kongo-class destroyers and two Atago-class destroyers with advanced sea, air and undersea threat detection capabilities.

Royal Norwegian Navy

Partnering with shipbuilder Navantia, Lockheed Martin produced five Aegis Fridtjof Nansen-class of frigate, currently the main surface combatant units of the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Republic of Korea Navy

Three KDX-III Aegis equipped ships, also known as the King Sejong the Great class, are the largest destroyers to carry the Aegis Combat System.

Spanish Navy

The Spanish Navy’s four F-100 Alvaro de Bazan class frigates were the first European ships equipped with the Aegis Combat System. Two more frigates are to come.

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