Hunter Class Frigates

Aegis and Australia's

Hunter Class Frigates

For Security. For Industry. For Australia.

As the Royal Australian Navy prepares to introduce its next generation of frigates, Lockheed Martin has been selected by the Australian government to deliver the Aegis Combat Management System to the future fleet.  Aegis is the world’s most advanced multi mission warfare capability and the world’s only maritime ballistic missile defence system.

We stand ready to support the Royal Australian Navy and BAE Systems to deliver and integrate Aegis to the future fleet.   Selecting the Lockheed Martin team to integrate Aegis is a low risk approach to deploying and integrating this world leading capability to the future fleet.

Lockheed Martin = A low-risk, collaborative partnership:

  • Proven Capability – Over 40 years of proven experience in successfully delivering mission ready, combat capability on time and at cost.
  • Low Risk – Lockheed Martin’s systems engineering approach and integration experience delivers value across the entire lifecycle, decreasing cost, schedule and program complexity.
  • Commonality Across the Fleet – Aegis, and derivatives through the Common Source Library, maximises software reuse and enables rapid technology insertions to be used across multiple platforms. Aegis’s open architecture provides a flexible, affordable approach for modernisation and future upgrades.
  • Combat Systems Integration – Successfully integrated over 125 surface combat systems across six allied nation fleets.

Meet the Australian team 

Lockheed Martin Australia employs 800 people across the country, including over 400 engineers and technical staff in systems integration and engineering disciplines.  We have a team in place in South Australia currently working on the Air Warfare Destroyer Class and the team is gearing up for the future fleet in 2018.

The People Behind Australia's Future Frigate Program

Grant Nelson

A keen interest in long range surveillance and maritime defence capabilities, coupled with international experience working with ship builders and prime systems integrators, meant that System Engineering Specialist Grant Nelson was a perfect fit to join the Lockheed Martin Australia team.

Grant is just one member of the LMA team who are gearing up to work on Australia’s Future Frigate Program. The Future Frigate Program is a future class of frigates for the Royal Australian Navy to replace the ANZAC-class – and the LMA team have been selected by the Australian Government to deliver Aegis, the world’s most advanced multi mission warfare capability, to the future fleet.

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Air Warfare Destroyer

The Royal Australian Navy sought an advanced, flexible and capable class of ships to replace its current Adelaide-class frigates in defence of Australia. The primary role of these new warships is to provide air defence to Australian naval task forces and forces ashore. To effectively pace evolving threats, the combat system on these destroyers must be agile. It must be innovative. And it must be proven.

Creating a Sustainable Australian Workforce

Lockheed Martin is seeking to support the Australian Government in laying the foundation for an Australian-wide naval shipbuilding enterprise, providing certainty to local industry and shipbuilding workers, maximising Australian industry involvement, and ensuring a local defence capability to be maintained by generations to come.

The World Keeps Changing. We Design Systems That Change With It.

As technology grows and adversaries become more sophisticated, naval dominance, missile defense and nuclear deterrence must evolve to meet these new threats. 

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