Airborne Multi-INT Laboratory

Airborne Multi-INT Laboratory

Today’s war on terror requires thought leadership on how to expedite the delivery of much needed intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to those in harm’s way.  Customers are concerned with the speed of solution delivery, reducing the risk of those solutions and delivering differentiated capability affordably. Lockheed Martin’s Airborne Multi-INT Laboratory, or AML, offers customers a highly capable, flexible system that can be used to explore and quickly field new technologies to those who need them most.

Flying ISR Test bed

Predicated on expediting the fielding of ISR technologies, this highly adaptable system can be used to validate how sensors and processors interact, and how to best apply them for use in military and non-military markets. A re-configured business jet, the AML is equipped with a full suite of collection systems as well as wideband and narrowband data-links. Built-in on-board processing and analysis provide rapid data correlation. An open software and hardware architecture permits rapid, affordable technology insertion. Ample rack space and large, flexible, payload bays enable different equipment, sensors, processors, and communications equipment to be rapidly exchanged.

The AML configuration includes the airborne platform and a corresponding ground station, both of which can be integrated into enterprise intelligence networks.  The platform’s mission system utilizes an implementation approach that supports net-centric interfaces to other systems.  Products/data from the AML are interoperable with numerous ground station intelligence enterprises.

Reducing Risk for Customers

The AML will provide the options and flexibility to experiment with airborne multi-INT sensor configurations, and most importantly investigate the concepts of operation (CONOPS) for getting that actionable information quickly and efficiently through the various battlefield networks to those Warfighters at the edge. If a system or sensor is not currently in the aircraft, the AML is re-configurable so that we can tailor the system to meet specific customer needs.

The AML provides a platform for both advanced research and realistic testing and demonstration of emerging intelligence, communications, networking and sensors capabilities that can improve strategic and tactical responsiveness for military, strategic and homeland security forces.

Support for Contingency Operations

With minimal development time, customers can use the AML to determine the optimum mix of sensors and systems to fill existing capability gaps to support contingency operations. By combining a simulation framework with real-world assets, the AML offers a cost effective testing and risk reduction method for customers in today’s challenging environment.

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