C4ISR Situational Awareness Tools

Easy to use, affordable tools for situational awareness and decision making:

Rule Sentry

Rules Framework

RuleSentry™ exportable, Java™ software allows field operators the ability to change system behavior for reduced workload and faster decisions through configurable rules, without system downtime.

RuleSentry™ Framework

Pattern Sentry

Group Behavior Prediction

PatternSentry™ exportable, Java™ algorithms use patent-pending Bayesian network techniques to determine confidence levels of swarm, convergence, stalking, and other group or individual behaviors.

PatternSentry™ Pattern Recognition


Light-footprint Display Tool

The InfoScene™ tool provides both 2D and 3D display capability for overlaying maps and icon data. It includes a variety of plug-in icons and maps, while allowing for user customization of more.

InfoScene™ Display Rendering


Plan Merging, Adaptation, Optimization

The RendezView™ tool set enables collaborative resources to combine plans from different formats into a cohesive, conflict-resolved environment to accomplish tasks against time and threat challenges.

RendezView™ Collaborative Planning

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In today’s world, complexity can be your greatest enemy or your greatest asset. That’s why Lockheed Martin is developing solutions that provide a clear picture of what’s happening around the world — and the infrastructure to act on it in real-time.

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