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VCSi is the next generation product in the VCS family. Built upon our extensive experience, VCSi brings modular and extensible control to your system. VCSi is made in Canada, commercially available and is ITAR free. Its modular architecture allows you to purchase only the components you need for your system. A developer-friendly API and plug-in architecture allows you to easily add or extend functionality for your unique needs. Leverage our wealth of experience and uncrew your future with VCSi.

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Lockheed Martin CDL Systems specializes in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for uncrewed systems.

Lockheed Martin CDL Systems has developed an open, standards-based, and commercial off-the-shelf software product that has been integrated into numerous uncrewed vehicle platforms.  The company’s products are designed on low-cost, interoperable, and open architecture systems to support government and civil applications around the world, with more than one million hours of operational use.

Software Development Process

Our team brings the full package of technical expertise and a collaborative approach by communicating with our customers and users from development to integration.

Small UAS Control

mGCS is a software application that serves as the UAV operator’s user interface for controlling and monitoring mini and small uncrewed vehicle systems.

Hydra Fusion Tools™

In situations with multiple uncrewed systems Hydra Fusion Tools truly shines, showing all systems in a single homogeneous display, optimized for the user.


Our Vehicle Control Station (VCS) software is a fully integrated command, control, and information system designed for operating and monitoring uncrewed vehicle systems.

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Technology is transforming how humans and machines work together. That’s why Lockheed Martin is investing in the development of optionally-crewed and uncrewed systems that serve as a capability multiplier.

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