Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Lockheed Martin CDL Systems (LM CDL) specializes in the development, integration and application of unmanned systems for commercial, civil and military customers. We provide software development services to integrate our products with your unmanned vehicles based on your mission requirements.

Some of our most common software services include:

  • Integration of our software products to a variety of unmanned air, sea, surface, or subsea vehicles
  • Customization of any Lockheed Martin CDL Systems’ software product for your specific unmanned vehicle, such as
    • User-interface customization
    • Payload control/customization
    • Radio/data link integration
    • Standards implementation such as NATO STANAG 4586 or 4817
  • Developing a Vehicle Specific Module
  • Development of a plug-in component to interface with one of our software products
  • Custom development of a ground control station product for a specific application

Our full-service approach to integration can be categorized into three areas:

  • Custom Software Development – Analysis, design, development and testing services to integrate our products with your unmanned vehicles. Our software development teams have more than 25 years of experience in the unmanned vehicle domain. For more information on our software develop process, click here.
  • Project Management – Agile Project Management service which is a process-driven and expertise-driven approach to the management of unmanned vehicle integration projects to ensure your mission requirements are met.
  • Customer Support – Support services and on-site support to answer technical questions or resolve technical support cases.

Engineering services are billed at our commercial rate of $185USD per hour.*

*all prices and engineering hourly rates are subject to change without notice.

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