Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Why should you work with us?

Pedigree and Experience

  • We have a strong pedigree within the commercial, civil, and defense industry with over 1.5 million flight hours on our systems.
  • Customers have included the US Army, Textron, General Atomics, Northrop Grumman, Qinetiq, MBDA, and many more
  • Helped define and implement past, present, and future NATO interoperable unmanned system protocols

Robust, Safe, and Iteratively-Produced Software

  • We are a certified CMMI Level 3 company, with the latest appraisal containing no areas of weakness
  • We create software using our Agile Scrum Test Driven Development work flow that has been optimized over the last 10-15 years.
    • Our Agile practices are not 'bolted on' but integrated into everything we do.  We constantly look for improvement to how we produce software and how we interact with our customers
    • Using Scrum, we produce small 'slices' of the overall system.  Every week or two, an engineering release is made available with complete slices of a larger feature.  We deliver this to you immediately because we want you, the customer, to provide rapid feedback on how the system is being shaped.  
    • We create automated tests for each system requirement.  They are run with every software change, ensuring that regression is prevented.  Defects and bugs are very rare.
    • We drive our software creation through our Test Driven Development process.
      • How does it work?  Every code change starts with us writing a failing test then writing just enough production code to make the test pass.  Repeat. 
      • Why do we do this?  It ensures full test coverage, prevents 'untestable spaghetti code', and prevents the creation of unnecessary functionality.
  • Why should our internal engineering discipline and coding process matter to you?
    • No gold plating - requirements are met with only what is needed
    • Requirements evolve and our process is built around embracing your changing needs
    • Entire system requirements are not required up front - iterative development allows the discovering and planning of work ‘just-in-time’
    • No missing tests, meaning high reliability of the software and low defect count
    • A safe, robust, and usable system is created at every step - the software just works, all the time, every time
    • No more 'big bang' integrations, unexpected delays or surprises, or unrealistic expectations
    • Long term maintainability is ensured - software production will only get faster over time, not slower

Collaborative Development

  • Customers are not contractual enemies - we want our customers to succeed and we strive to create an ecosystem which ensures success
  • Our Product Owners will work closely alongside you throughout the length of the project to flesh out the system design and will ensure that the solution meets your needs and expectations every week.  Our project management is process and expertise driven, with a strong emphasis on reducing risks and providing continuous value
  • Support services and on-site support is available to answer technical questions, solve issues rapidly, or to support integration tasks.


Common software services we have provided:

  • Integration and customization of software products related to uncrewed air (Group 1, 2, 3, 4), sea, surface, or subsea vehicles.  This has also included:
    • User interfaces
    • Protocol implementations
    • Multi-vehicle and multi-payload control
    • Radio and Datalink
    • Standards implementation (such as NATO STANAG 4586 or 4817) and extensions
  • Extending our core products with customized features
  • Creating photogrammetry and mapping features
  • Creating situational awareness and flight safety features

Although most examples relate to controlling uncrewed vehicles or mapping solutions, our software and integration services are well suited for any field which requires a solid and robust software implementation.

We look forward to discussing how we can partner together! 


Additional Information

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