Fire Shadow Loitering Munition

Fire Shadow Loitering Munition

Fire Shadow Loitering Munition

Fire Shadow is a loitering munition weapon system, designed by MBDA Missile Systems, for the land domain, with an operating range of approximately 60 miles (100 km). It offers precision attack capabilities against time-sensitive static and moving targets with minimal collateral damage. Once launched over a battle zone, it can loiter for several hours before being committed to engage a target.

Our software, VCS-4586, provides the command, control, and monitoring capabilities for Fire Shadow. Operators control the weapon with VCS-4586 which provides real-time situational awareness making the system particularly effective in complex scenarios.

Fire Shadow will enter service with the Royal Artillery and is part of the UK MOD evolutionary strategy for developing affordable complex weapons.

For more information about Fire Shadow visit MBDA Missile Systems website

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