VCS-4586 Licensing Terms

  1. One software license is required for each VCS-4586 workstation.

  2. Software and documentation are delivered electronically.

  3. Customers will receive basic support installing and setting up VCS-4586.

  4. Additional technical support is available with a support contract.

  5. Prerequisites for VCS-4586 software, documentation, and license delivery:

    1. Executed Proprietary Information Agreement (PIA)

    2. Executed Intellectual Property License Agreement (IPLA)

    3. Valid Export Permit (only for delivery outside of Canada and U.S.)

    4. MAC address(es) or Host ID(s) for VCS-4586 workstations

    5. Canadian customers are required to be registered under the Canadian Goods Program (CGP)
  6. Transfer of licenses to different hardware requires a Certificate of Destruction (COD).