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VCSi Touch

VCSi Touch Overview

VCSi Touch is ground control station software that provides NATO interoperable command and control [C2) of Small Unmanned Air Systems (SUAS). This software is designed to be open and extensible, providing flexible options for UAS, radios and controller hardware. It operates the Lockheed Martin lndago and Condor SUAS and can also easily integrate with other systems that support NATO STANAG 4586 or MAVLink protocols.

Interoperable with industry leading radios including Trellisware TW-650, Persistent Systems MPU5 Wave Relay TM and Silvus Technologies StreamCaster™, VCSi Touch allows operators to choose the radio that best meets their mission needs. This software operates on Panasonic Toughpads and other ruggedized tablets or laptops that utilize Microsoft Windows or Linux Operating Systems and works with controllers that have integrated or external joysticks controls.

Flight Operations

Easily operate your UAS by tapping on the map to use automated flight modes such as loiter, waypoint and follow-me modes or utilize physical or virtual joysticks to operate in manual flight modes. Fly with confidence knowing that you will be alerted with visual and  audible alarms if the system detects failures or conditions outside of your mission parameters such as approaching a no-fly zone or flying too close to another vehicle equipped with a FLARM or ADS-B transponder.

Sensor Operations

Tap on the video to point the camera to a new location or to start automatically tracking an object of interest. Take snapshots, engage the laser pointer, record video and export real-time critical information such as STANAG 4609 video, STANAG 4545 imagery and Cursor On Target (CoT) to other battlefield applications. For Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-Tl operations, hand over control of the sensor to another controller operating VCSi Touch or any other STANAG 4586 conformant controller.

Mission Planning

Plan like never before with a 3D map that supports numerous industry standard map/chart formats, 5-meter resolution terrain data, restricted airspace overlays, KML vector data and more. With internet access, you can easily download and store maps for your next operation with just a few taps. Easily plan flight routes or area searches that are always adjusted to keep a safe altitude separation, so that you can spend less time planning and more time on your mission.


The Preflight Checks Wizard automates most preflight steps allowing you to start flying safely in less than 2 minutes from power up. Battery fail safe settings, min/max altitude limits and contingency behaviors can all be specified from a single intuitive screen. Once in flight, VCSi Touch allows you to stay focused on your mission by regularly loading return home paths to the UAS that have been deconflicted with terrain in the event of a communications loss.

Open Architecture

VCSi Touch is designed to be open and extensible so that it is easy to integrate new systems and best of breed capabilities. Vehicles, payloads and data links can be integrated using open standard protocols such as STANAG 4586 and MAVlink so that you are never locked into a single OEM.  Third party developers can write VCSi Touch plug-ins that can customize the operator interface, integrate state of the art Al/ML algorithms, integrate with external battlefield managements systems and much, much more.


KML & GPX Support
Import and export polygons, points of interest, routes and annotations via either KML or GPX.
Local Langauge Support
VCSi Touch's architecture supports the translation of the user interface into other languages, including non-latin scripts.
Extensibility and Software Development Kit
Whether it's a best-of-breed solution or  custom developed capability, use the SDK to extend the functionality of the system.
Contingency Planning
Plan and update contigency routes for emergency situations such as unintentional loss of link or propulsion.
Intuitive and Touch Friendly Controls
Easily navigate around the UI with large glove friendly controls and pan around the 3D map using multi-touch control.
High Resolution Map and Terrain Support
Visualize your flight are in high detail with support for high-res maps and terrain resolution of up to 5m.
Restriction Zones
Define keep-in and keep-out zones to ensure the operator is aware of areas that are safe for flight.
Airspace Traffic Awareness
Use the ADS-B or FLARM integration to track and be notified of other aircraft and potential collisions.
Customize Navigation Controls
Tailor VCSI Touch for each vehicle's capabilities, including speed and altitude limits and custom autonomous flight modes.
Network-centric Control
Monitor, control and handoff a vehicle to any VCSi Touch control station or to other STANAG 4586 stations such as VCSi.
Comprehensive Mission Planning Tools
Plan routes and auto-generated area searches with detailed feature-rich tools that include built-in safety checks.
Warning Caution & Alert System
Monitor a unified location for audible alarms and notifcations so operators can stay focused on the mission instead of scanning panels.
Easy Map Import
Import from hundreds of supported mapping formats including GeoTIFF and CADRG maps.
Custom Annotation Tools
Annotate the map view with points, lines and polygons to designate areas and features of interest.
Multiple Coordinate Systems
Utilize the full functionality of your hand controller with the built-in joystick and auxiliary button support. 
Optimized for Hand Controller Integration
Utilize the full functionality of your hand controller with the built-in joystick and auxiliary button support.
Map Layering
Control layering of your maps to display the most pertinent information at any time.
Mission-based Layouts
Easily toggle between 3 layouts, Big Map, Big Video, Full-Screen Video.

Integrations and Specifications


Silvus, Microhard, Persistent Systems, TrellisWare® , Ubiquity and more

lndago DuoPlus, lndago 30-33X, lndago Noctis, WESCAMMX™, AVT, Trillium HD, PiccoloTM TASE and more

Autopilot Protocols
MAVLink, MicroPilot ®, Kestrel™ and Piccolo™


Ground-Based Sense & Avoid Radar
Canadian UAVS Sparrowhawk™ Radar

Microsoft XBox, Logitech, Atmel®, Directlnput, XWindows and more

System Specifications 

System Specifications

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 or CentOS 7 [or equivalent)
  • Intel ® Core i5 CPU or greater Intel ® HD Graphics
  • 8 GB DDR4 RAM [16 GB preferred)

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