The CEEU is an advanced signal processing electronics unit that enhances ground sensor capabilities. Designed for maximum commonality among multiple vehicles, the technology provides sensor command and control, precision target location information, tracking and high-resolution imagery of targets for greater situational awareness.

The CEEU optimizes electro-optical sensor system capabilities. Its closed-loop, single-target tracking and multi-target tracking modes send rate commands to the sensor interface. The unit also incorporates advanced technologies for improved sensor imagery. Air and ground targets are quickly detected, categorized and tracked by Aided Target Recognition (AiTR) algorithms. Patented XR® and Scene Assisted Non-Uniformity Correction (SANUC) algorithms enhance image processing for superior range performance.

To provide the best value to the customer, the CEEU incorporates ruggedized off-the-shelf components and requires no tools for removal and replacement. Its open architecture hardware and software reduce life-cycle costs. Customizable expansion capability provides future growth options for unique interfaces and specific user-selected applications.


  • Embedded sensor control and advanced image processing
  • Ruggedized for intense shock and vibration in the ground environment
  • Built-in test detects 95% of all faults
  • Mean-time to repair equals 6 minutes or less
  • MPEG4 and JPEG2000 compression supports high-resolution video transmission over limited bandwidths
  • Safeguards vital information using the Advanced Encryption Standard and Render Useless capability
  • Internal nuclear event circumvention function protects electronics in the event of an atomic incident


  • Standard 11 Modular Concept Unit (MCU) liquid-cooled chassis
  • Operation between -40º C and 85º C
  • 28V MIL-STD-704F power supply
  • VITA 46 and VITA 48 compliant
  • Mean-time between essential function failure > 7500 hours
  • Mean-time between failure > 5300 hours

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